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Life is moving at ridiculous pace.  I am busier now than I have been all year.  Last week, I got more done than I ever have -- did four papers and a grant proposal, signed two new clients, booked three new projects, and even booked a trip to NY to interview for a job.  Interview was yesterday, and I think it went well.  I am practicing the art of detachment and trying to be neutral about it...but I admit, a small part of me wants to see an offer letter from them, especially after my last experience with an in-person interview.  But, this is the antithesis of detachment, I know.

NY was...well, I didn't know what to expect.  It reminded me a bit of New Orleans.  I was in Manhattan/Midtown -- predominantly business, but from the looks of it, not completely uptight corporate.  The people moved fast, like they all had somewhere to be.  The only place this wasn't true was Times Square, which was full of tourists, of course.  The culture was quirky, which felt like home.  Struck up a fun conversation with an Indian guy from Queens about how he liked living in NY.  He told me about some of the bridge tolls -- $7.50, $13, and $15!!!  $15 to drive across a bridge, one way!  Do they carry your fucking car across, too?  While exploring Times Square, heard an Arab dude thanking a Chinese lady in Chinese.  That made my day.  Had a couple of Latinas speak to me in Spanish and English, so I guess I still read Latina to people who aren't native to New Orleans.  Got to hear some languages I've never heard -- maybe African?  Met a very nice gentleman in Times Square who looked like he could be one of my relatives.  He said he has family in Baton Rouge, so who knows.  It was a hodge podge of people -- different races, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, dispositions, personalities -- but all, it seemed, filled with some drive to do something or be somewhere.  But what really struck me about NY was the flash.  In NOLA, the people make the city larger than life, but in NY, it's the people and the places.  Everything is tall, bright, and almost obnoxious.  Billboards, flashing lights, ornate designs.  Times Square was like a beacon with multimedia everything.  Broadway was booming, and it was a bit crazy around Radio City Music Hall.  I also saw the Waldorf-Astoria and did a double take.  I half expected the Prince of Zamunda to come riding down the street!  (I didn't know they really shot that movie on location!)  Everything is designed, it seems, to beckon your attention...and if I'd had more time, I would have paid more attention.  I would definitely go back, but next time, I'd bring G along so we could explore together.  It was weird traveling without her, especially to NY, a place we had hoped to experience for the first time together.

Work, travel, meeting new people, half-marathon training.  Needless to say, I am tired as shit, but I'm amazed at what I've been able to get done.  So, onward I go.  But to keep going, I might have to switch over to evening runs (at least until it finally cools off or until DST, whichever is first) because this waking up at 4:30 am isn't going to work for me anymore.  I need more rest.  I've already cut back on the intensity of my training, but I'm still tired.  So we'll see what happens next.

Back to work!